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Kristina Wingeier

Hi, I'm Kristina, founder of Essential Plant Wisdom. I have a vision of helping people re-connect with the wisdom of plants while empowering them to trust their own inner guidance. I've found essential oils to be an aromatic gateway into deeper resonance with the natural world and the healing properties of plants.

I've been a plant-lover my whole life. As a child I spent hours in our Ohio garden and one of my earliest memories is watching light dancing in the tree leaves above me. Plants are some of my best teachers and very generous with their gifts. When I think of all the things I use on a daily basis that have been made from or powered by plants, I am in awe and deep appreciation. Life on this planet as we know it would not exist without plants. 

I have been working in the health and wellness field for over 25 years and am a trained (and retired) homebirth midwife. My work is rooted in lunar and seasonal rhythms, cosmic cycles and the Divine Feminine. I am mama to one adult daughter who was raised with plant medicine as the foundation of her health care. Over the years, essential oils have been an integral part of my own healing path. I look forward to sharing Essential Plant Wisdom with you! 

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Lisa Hofmann

I am a mama, creative explorer, and yogi living a life of magical possibilities in the Midwest with my husband, daughter, and dog boy. I tend towards the meandering path, having crisscrossed the country over the years while following my curiosity. My formal degrees include a B.A. in Art and a M.A. in Art History.  I love being a student and sharing as a teacher and have taught in university and workshop settings.  

I began my study of yoga in 1994 and the impact of the practice upon my well-being lead me to become a certified yoga instructor in the Kripalu lineage in 2000. Since then I have taught private and public classes, combining my two passions - art and yoga - in my life and in my work. Creative expression is how I practice mindfulness and celebrate the richness of daily life. My daughter is my greatest teacher, inspiring devotion to playfulness and self-discovery. 

The natural world has always been a source of comfort, inspiration and self-recovery.  My highest teacher can be heard when I stand under the trees, at the edge of the shore or in a wild flower meadow. The deepest teachings come when I work with horses, tend to the garden, or meditate with the birds. Essential Oils form the foundation of my self care practice and support wellness at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I am excited to share this journey with you! Contact Lisa HERE. Personal website HERE.